NoVa Open Week 2a – Thursday


Me lifting 53# (vs. 55#). I’m still damned proud of this non-official performance.
So apparently my efforts last Saturday don’t “count” after all (for whatever that is worth).
As Brian PCF not-so-cheerfully noted: 10kg bar = 33 lbs.

Thankfully – my goal is to do what is asked of me during the NoVa Open. My goal is achieved. I won’t be doing this over again.
5 minutes jump rope. Made 1 attempt at double-unders at 7, but focused on slow rhythm on singles.

10 minutes – per minute
4 snatch balance 12#
4 hollow rock
2 strict pullup / chinup – chest to bar

135(3) – 165(3) – 165(3) – 165(3) – 165(3) – 165(3)

Did not do metcon today. Woke this morning with my heart racing out of my chest at 1am. Same when the alarm went off.
Did the warmup and my heart was working all out of proportion to the actual effort.
Decided that maybe 3 rounds of 20 kettlebell swings and burpees was not such a good idea.
I think the stress of the past few weeks has caught up to me.
Good thing I’m going to the Primary Care doc April 7.
Sleep: 8:00pm – 1:00am, 1:15am – 5:00am
Stress: Medium. So many odds and ends and garbage work.
Fish Oil: none

Breakfast: black tea with spices and milk, granny smith apple, hb eggs

Lunch (Panda Cafe): Egg drop soup, seaweed salad, water

Dinner (Hana Tokyo): sushi, sake. Yum.

Plan on taking at least Friday and Saturday off. Maybe Sunday, depending on how things go. Resting heart rate has been very high recently.


2 Responses to “NoVa Open Week 2a – Thursday”

  1. 1 Dorothy (Crossfit KOP)

    That is such a bummer about the 53# vs 55#. I saw the article on the crossfit games home page and my heart sank. I know your goal is to do what is asked of you, but don’t you want your score to at least count? If you start to feel better, I think you should think about doing it again. You might regret it if you don’t. You’ve worked really hard for this. I am still rooting for you.

    • Funny – my reaction was more sad for Brian PCF (who handled the situation with grace), Christy P and Jen N. Christy and Jen have a real shot at making Nationals. It was an honest mistake.
      I haven’t been seeing this event as competing with anyone other than myself and the WOD as set up. My thinking is that the resources are better served focusing on those who have a real chance and drive towards competition. Watching Jen N most mornings at PCF – I suspect she will turn in a stronger performance the 2nd time around.

      No regrets for deciding not to do that again. After yesterday’s aborted workout – I need the days off. This way – I will be stronger for WOD 2 🙂

      Thanks for the support Dorothy.

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