NoVa Open Week 2b – Competition Day


This is how you miss a rep. Thanks Zack P for catching my shitty form.
Dorothy Bowers at CrossFit King of Prussia has been my long-distance sectional buddy.
I am consistently astonished at how welcoming and supportive online communities are.

Dorothy – hope you did awesome today!
AMRAP 15 minutes
9 deadlift (100#)
12 games standard pushups (planks, hands off floor)
15 20″ box jumps

Goal: 5 rounds
Got: 6 rounds, 9 deadlifts, 7 pushups
Only lost 6 or so pushup reps.
No way I was getting more pushups after that. Spent the last 20 seconds trying to get 1 more rep. Missed on both attempts. Body quit cooperating.

Ricky at CrossFit Fairfax – thank you for the cues during your judging.
Angelo at CrossFit Liberation – awesome work. Enjoyed meeting you and the others from the box.
Sleep: 9:45pm – 7:00am. Time checks at 12:45am, 3:45am, 6:15am
Stress: Medium high. Have done this now once before. Still nerve-wracking. Still have the cough.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Breakfast: carrots, jasmine green tea

Post-Workout(Catalyst Meals) : egg whites, applesauce and sweet potatoes, coconut water, water

Lunch: bud light, hot curry chicken thighs, spinach

Hockey: beer and a pretzel

Really happy with today’s performance. Got a small chiro adjustment after my heat.

Spent the afternoon with a can of Bud Light and the SO on the front stoop staring at the flowers.
An evening of hockey, lots of grass fed beef in my freezer. Almost the perfect day.


2 Responses to “NoVa Open Week 2b – Competition Day”

  1. 1 Dorothy

    Great job with workout 11.2! I had exactly the same experience. I think that’s the best part of this years competition. I really feel part of the whole crossfit community rather than my own gym. We are all facing the same challenges. This week I realized that I need some work on push ups and have decided to dedicate the month of April to improving.
    I can’t wait to see the next workout. This is starting to get fun.

  2. Pushups are definitely the limiting factor in this one.
    That and my box jump cycling is non-existent at any height. Box jumps will be my project come May. Good luck Week 3

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