NoVa Open Week 3 – Competition Day!


2 minutes rowing
2 reps of WOD at 45#
2 reps of WOD at 75#
2 reps of WOD at 95# (unfortunately, this felt heavy. Made me kinda nervous)

AMRAP 5 minutes at 110#
power clean
front squat
push jerk.

Got the power clean (PR) and the front squat (barely). Couldn’t lock out the overhead portion.
Still – I got 1 point. Taking the point at Rx and running.
Other good news – each successful power clean at 110# as I attempted to get the jerk done was a 1 rep max PR. Got 5 or 6 of these.

Other thing I am proud of – not crying at any time during this week’s competition. I was pretty damn close, before (because of fear) and after (from relief and the major major support of my PCF colleagues).

Everyone at the NoVa Open was so amazingly supportive as I tried my PR attempts.
PCF folks – y’all are the absolute BEST.
Aviv – thanks for judging.
Sleep: 8:30pm – 6:45am. Up briefly at 2:30am, otherwise very solid. Feel rested.
Stress: Medium High. This month is about learning the various colors and shades of anxiety.
Fish Oil: 3 caps

Breakfast: tea with milk and maple, scrambled eggs with spring greens and truffle oil

Post-WOD: beef jerky, water, coconut water, baby carrots

Lunch: yellow curry chicken thighs and spring greens, water

Snack: baby carrots, roasted garlic hummus, a really nice sparkling riesling from Bonny Doon (yum).

Snack 2: saltines and homemade clam dip

Dinner: grilled burgers, no bun. Glass of red wine.

Same level of fear this morning as I had in Week 1. Mostly because I really wasn’t sure I could do this.
So happy to get the 1 clean and the extra power cleans in. All of them were PRs. Shame I couldn’t get the jerk overhead and locked out.
Did what I set out to do.
And from the major drop-off in participants – looks like showing up was a victory in and of itself.

Lindsay from CrossFit Montgomery County (the only other person to show up for our heat) – you ROCKED today! Look forward to seeing you next week.


7 Responses to “NoVa Open Week 3 – Competition Day!”

  1. 1 Brian PCF

    You did great!

    • Thanks Brian. Would have loved to get that Jerk rep – but it wasn’t meant to be.
      This time next year, I plan to do 110 easy šŸ™‚

  2. 3 Jeff J

    Hey Wendy – Serious guts, and great PR. I think you were the only PR yesterday, very impressive. Wish I could push myself half as hard.

    • Jeff – fear of failure is a pretty good motivator. Thanks for your help and support. It meant a lot.

  3. 5 Heather A.

    Hey Wendy – been virtually stalking your Open progress – thanks for sharing. I am so proud of what you did! I’m glad you had the guts to get up and do it, regardless of the fear factor or intimidation of the WODs! You truly are an inspiration. I’m so happy for you!

    • Heather – thanks. I figure if I can do it…any of the other 0530 girls could do it. Maybe if I can get you and Lisa and Patricia and Christy and Katlin to do this next year…. šŸ˜‰

  4. 7 Caitlin

    Seriously amazing job Wendy. You are really inspiring day in and day out!!

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