NoVa Open Week 4 – Thursday


WOD – rest day 2
Mobility WOD 221
The arms feel much better – but I figured Saturday is going to be a bit of a beatdown. Better safe than sorry.
Did some walking and gardening. Not much else.
Sleep: 11:45pm – 5:15am. Not enough…..
Stress: Medium. Just some meetings.
Fish Oil: 4 caps

Breakfast: tea with milk, carrots

Lunch (Baja Fresh): 2 steak tacos, 1 fish taco, carrots, water

Dinner: sparkling water, grilled tuna and red bell peppers, spring greens.


Had to stop the tutorial I was working on because they are turning that piece of the application into a whole project. Just as well. Looks like there will be some “make work” for myself over the next couple of weeks.

The extra rest days seem to be helping a lot. A lot less all over sore.


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  1. 1 Dorothy (Crossfit KOP)

    Good luck tomorrow. I think you might surprise youself with this one. I did it last night and did much better than expected. I was hoping for 5 OHS, and I actually got 20. Here’s a few tips:
    1. Don’t jump your feet up on the burpees. that wastes too much energy. Step your feet up and then get close to the bar before you hop over it. But move as fast as you can this way. 60 burpees is alot and I started to get bored around 20. It took me around 6 minutes to get through the burpees. Not too hard, but maintaining intensity and speed was difficult.
    2. For the OHS, I was surprised that my shoulders were the limiting factor. I didn’t realize how toasted they would be. My squatting was ok, but stabilizing the bar overhead was really hard. I managed to get 4 sets of 5. I didn’t snatch it. I cleaned it, transferred it to my back, and then jerked it from there. That took a lot of time. If I could have rested it on my back rather than dropping it, I would have saved myself a lot of time. That was the plan but for some reason I didn’t do it that way.

    Good luck! Let me know how you do.

    • Thanks for the pointers. Thankfully – my burpees tend to be of the lunge variety anyway.
      I’ve been taking a few days off before this one because I know that my arms and wrists may be the limiting factor in this one. And my arms were thrashed after Week 3 max weight + weighted pullups + more pullups
      Last time I did Overhead Squats, it was my wrists that bothered me before the legs gave out.
      Awesome awesome work Dorothy!

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