NoVa Open Week 6 – Wednesday


Hugh MacLeod
Best: 21. Also lots of 9s and 18s. Feel like I am finally getting better at these.
Focused on simplifying the jump – legs straighter, feet together.

10 minutes
5 sec planch hold
4 hang muscle snatch 35#
4 flutter kicks

Behind the neck jerk
35(5) – 55(3) – 75(1) – 95(1) – 105(1) – 105(f – hyperextended my back)

Spent the rest of the WOD stretching and trying to get my back to feel right again. Don’t think I did any lasting damage – but stopping for the day was an awesome idea.
Sleep: 9:00am – 4:15am solid. Waited for the alarm to click to 4:45am before finally getting up.
Stress: High. Personal + certification training
Fish Oil: 2 caps

Breakfast: Starbucks cocoa cappuccino

Lunch: sushi, hard boiled eggs, water

Dinner: ground beef, a corn tortilla, guacamole, water

I’ve had better days.


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