NoVa Open Week 6 – Competition Day


3/6/9/12 …. for 7 minutes
65# thrusters
chest-to-bar pullups

Got through the round of 12 + 4 thrusters.
64 reps total – 34 thrusters, 30 chest to bar pullups.

Pullups felt really solid.
No wasted reps on either move – though thrusters sucked eggs.
Can’t believe I got that far.
Happy this Open thing is over.

Kari – thanks for coaching. Andrew (District Crossfit) – thanks for the judging and coaching.

WOD 2 – 12 holes of golf. Gave up because we were venturing into a 6+ hour round.
Sleep: 11:00pm – 6:15am, 6:30am – 8:00am
Stress: Medium
Fish Oil: none

Breakfast: bacon, eggs, garden greens, tea with milk and maple

Lunch (popeyes): fried chicken and sweet tea. Needed the carbs. They were delicious.

Golf: a Milky Way bar (that did not sit at all well) + water. No more candy bars for awhile. bleh.

Dinner: grilled salmon with herbs and lemon. garden greens. water

Dessert: chocolate ice cream and cookies.

Best day I’ve had in awhile.


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