HSPU, Deadlifts and Box Jumps


Back to your normal programming. Thank goodness.
Medicine ball work with Wilkins
8 minutes, on minute
1-2 Skin da cats on high rings
4 straight leg deadlifs
rest of minute – double-unders. Best – 12. Also got a lot of 7s and 8s

5 rounds
2 HSPU with ab mat (need to get away from the ab mat)
8 deadlifts at 135#
12 box jumps – unbroken at 4 45# plates + 2 25# plates

Handstand pushups felt really strong today
Box jumps also felt really strong.
Sleep: 8:30pm – 6:30am, 12 noon – 1pm
Stress: Medium
Fish Oil: 3 caps

Breakfast: spinach omelet, tea with milk and maple

Lunch: popeyes fried chicken, water

Dinner: chicken kabobs, bbq pork, garden greens, water, coffee with milk and maple

Hockey: water, cinnamon sugar nuts (good, but the package was way too small)

Trying to get back to “normal”. Still moody as hell – which does no favors for anyone. HATE that.


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