0530 Potomac – Press, Glute/Ham Raises


They changed up the workout on me. I am still trying to get over the upper-respiratory crud, so running and rowing were out.

Warmup – stretching, some jump rope, some box jumps (wow – seriously not springy this morning), SPT and OHS

35(5) – 55(5) – 65(5) – 70(3 – last done as push press) – 70( 5 – push jerk)

Glute Ham Raise
BW(10) – 10(10) – 15(10) – 25(10)

I never get a chance to play on the glute / ham developer. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been neglecting this area a bit in my squats.
That and I have visions of developing J.Lo’s ass. It could happen 😉
Sleep: 9:30pm – 5:00am. But I spent lots of time tossing and turning until 11pm or so
Stress: Medium low. Working from home. Recreating a quiz in an attempt to fix the unfixable.
Fish Oil: 3 caps
Alcohol (none since 4/23): zero

Pre-workout: coconut water

Breakfast: roasted asparagus, fried eggs, bacon. Tea with milk and maple

Lunch: carrots, tilapia with lemon, olives and onions. Sparkling water.

Snack: protein shake with greens plus, cocoa, cinnamon, flaxseed. coconut water

Dinner: hard corn tortilla with beef, refried beans, lettuce, taco sauce, cheese. water

Got some work and thinking done while hanging out with the cat and listening to Neil Finn on YouTube.
There are worse ways to spend a day.


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