DIY WOD – Yoga


I have a soft spot for Gregorian Chant and madrigals.

I have a feeling my gym attendance is going to get more sporadic than I would like over the next few months.
There is a lot going on in my world. It’s a matter of what is going to give at what time.

Think I may be listening to this song a LOT.
The Chillout Song
20 min Yoga

Yeah – this is as good as it got today. I had aspirations. Really. I did.
Sleep: 10pm – 5:30am. Solid until 4:40am. Lay in bed until I finally decided to get up. Like most mornings. Sometimes that gap is lengthier than expected.
Stress: Medium. Working.
Fish Oil: none. Yeah – been slack on that the past few days.
Alcohol (4/23): zero

Breakfast: tea with milk and maple, carrots and artichokes, sparkling water

Lunch (Crawfish Boil at Liz’s. Thanks Liz!): Crawfish, sparkling water, corn on the cob, chicken and andouille jambalaya

Dinner: tea with milk and maple, chocolate chip cookie dough. Other option – beer and a banana nut muffin

Let me get through 90 days without alcohol before I start worrying about the sugar in my diet.

Overall, a good day. Got some freelance work done and impressed some guys with my crawfish dissection prowess.
Would have had more fun with that if I wasn’t busy doing one of my favorite things – eating shellfish off of a large, shared communal pile.

Warning: if you ever invite me to a crab boil / crawfish boil / clam bake / lobster bake / oyster fest, expect to abandon me at table for the duration. You won’t get a lot of conversation (or much activity) out of me.


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