0530 Potomac – OHS and abortive rowing


“At least I don’t suck at life.” – Ze Frank, The Scared Song.
2 rounds
1 min ea hamstring strap
1 min ea hip flexor 4 stretch
20 10# per hand db lunges
10 games standard pushups
10 10# per hand db thrusters

Overhead squat
35(5) – 55(5) – 65(5) – 75(5) – 75(5) – 75(5)
I think 75# OHS is WOD ready.

Row 500m
2:01 / 2:00 / dnf – left foot/ankle cramped up. Managed to get it rolled out on the LAX ball afterwards. I think I am getting way too far forward on the catch.
Sleep: 9:30pm – 4:40am. Was pretty much awake at 3:00am, but lay in bed until the alarm went off
Stress: off today
Fish Oil: 3 caps
Alcohol (4/23): zero

Breakfast: bacon, scrambled eggs with truffle oil, coffee with coconut milk and honey.

Lunch: greens with bacon, sun dried tomatoes, olives and balsamic vinaigrette. Sparkling water.

Dinner (skyline cafe): Ethiopean food (meat and injera). Water.

Not a bad day. Think I got the foot/ankle cramp worked out.


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