0900 Patriot – Power Cleans and Muscleup Subs


– Imagine yourself with no shame, nothing to prove, nothing to lose and nothing to hide. What do you want?

Disaster Tolerance
Circle of Influence
The Power of Setting Goals
David Foster Wallace – 2005 Kenyon College Commencement Speech

Group Warmup

Power Clean warmup

AMRAP 12 minutes
5 Power Cleans 105#
3 banded muscle-ups, purple band, seated (love this variation)
7 rounds + 1 power clean

VERY happy with this. Only missed 1 rep on the Power Clean in the 6th round.
Sleep: 10:00pm – 4:00am. Wide awake.
Stress: Medium Low.
Fish Oil: 3 caps
Alcohol (4/23): zero

Breakfast: tea with milk and honey, fried eggs with prociutto, red bell pepper and onions.

Lunch: lamb with harissa, avocado, coconut water with sparkling water and lime juice (new summer cocktail)

Lunch 2(Quarterdeck): crabs, iced tea, celery, blue cheese dressing, chocolate cookies and cream ice cream. Look ma! No beer!

Snack: seaweed snacks, green tea, dates

Dinner: pork with bell pepper, basil, corn. Sparkling water.

Overall good day. Got some thinking and some freelance work done.


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