0530 Potomac – Oly Test Week 1 Day


A lesson in being inspired to improve yourself, even if it is initially for another.
I don’t think dot deserves line after all that 😉

Pixie Dust and the Mountain of Mediocrity
5 rounds
10 front squats pvc
10 shoulder pass throughs
6 pushups
10 sec superman hold
3 minutes arm / shoulder mobility on rings

35(3) – 55(3) – 55(3 + 1 miss) – 55(3) – 55(3)

Snatch Balance
55(2) – 55(2) – 55(2) – 55(2)

Felt heavy today. Guess that’s what happens a day after 36 105# power cleans.

Time check (for Brian PCF) – 5:55am – 6:18am
Timed from immediately after warmup to end of cleanup + shoes. I figured that including the pre-and post workout “putter” time would be useful for general programming.

Test drive new (to me) bike – 15 minutes in the neighborhood around my house.
Haven’t been on a bike in 7 years. Wasn’t a particularly stable biker even as a kid. Good to see I can still ride one and have a decent shot of not getting killed.
Sleep: 9:30pm – 4:45am. Solid, but pretty sleepy. Hit the snooze once.
Stress: Medium Low. Still had to work.
Fish Oil: 3 caps
Alcohol (4/23): zero

Pre-workout: coconut water

Breakfast: coffee with milk and honey, eggs with chorizo and bell peppers

Lunch 1: chicken breast, korean black beans, sparkling water

Lunch 2: bulgogi pork, rice (a little), sparkling water

Dinner: flank steak, avocado, bell peppers, onion, corn tortillas, coconut water, water, chocolate cookie ice cream.

A pretty good day. Productive both professionally and personally.


3 Responses to “0530 Potomac – Oly Test Week 1 Day”

  1. 1 Brian PCF


  2. 2 Eli M.

    Great video – I like your reflections on the past 2 years too – I’ve only been doing CrossFit for a year (at DCF) – seeing your progress definitely keeps me motivated. Keep up the great work!

    • Sometimes, it’s tough to see progress or stay motivated when you are looking at people who have been at it longer than you have. Been focusing mostly on the day to day, but having others remind me that I am making progress helps too. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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