Reflections on 2 years of CrossFit


Day 1 – Foundations. Just to show you how far I’ve come.

After 1 year.

All pullup and pushup WODS Rxed.
Max rep of 3 20# weighted pullups.
Do double-under WODs Rx’d (most of the time and badly)
All WODs done with at least 55# (usually more), unless I am feeling really beat up.
Close to swinging the 1.5 pood kb during a WOD. Right now, swinging a 50# dumbbell.
Broke the 3 digit mark on cleans, jerks, push press, overhead squat
Broke the 200# mark on the deadlift
Currently at 120 pounds and about 16% bodyfat
Doing the NoVa Open this spring was absolutely huge. One of the reasons why this reflection is so late is that I found that doing the NoVa Open changed me. I am just now figuring out how.

I am now tackling something much deeper and more challenging (for me) than 6 weeks of workouts that I can borderline do. I’d rather not get into what I am up to in this space, but it’s pretty fundamental and is starting to have major life repercussions.

Finding strength (of all sorts) that you never thought you had. Then applying that strength to other areas of life.

Realizing that focusing on the process is key. An off day, a minor setback, not a big deal. Learn and move forward.

Intellectually, I understood that the best things, the biggest things, are accomplished through small daily actions.
This year – I may have finally absorbed that lesson emotionally.

Of course, now that I’ve typed that, my natural lack of patience will fuck something up 🙂


2 Responses to “Reflections on 2 years of CrossFit”

  1. 1 Dorothy

    Wow!!! That is amazing progress. Keep it up. I’ve found that competing in open sectionals has really affected me too. I love that we all got to share the experience even if we are in different states.

    • Me too! Thanks for being my long-distance sectional buddy this year. Next year – send me a blog address 😉

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