0530 Potomac – Oly Lifts Week 3 Day 1


No one cares if you succeed or fail
“Jump – it’s not as wide as you think.”
How to Fight Your Fears
Paris Review – Interview with Ernest Hemingway

AMRAP 8 minutes
5 snatches (1st 3 rounds PVC. 2nd 3 rounds 12# bar)
15 sec plank hold
5 leg swings per leg / 5 “dirty dog” per leg (alternate)

35(3) – 55(3)- 70(1) – 70(miss) – 70(1) – 70(1) – 70(1)

Snatch Balance 70#
70 (jerk + ohs) – 70(1) – 70(1) – 70(1) – 70(1)

Time check: 5:50am – 6:15am. Includes setup, shoes, takedown (or in this case, metcon setup for Maria)

Banded Russian Box Dips (done before WOD since things were starting late)
3-3-3 1st round, no band. Rounds 2-3 with yellow band.
Sleep: 8:45pm = 3:45am.
Stress: Medium.
Fish Oil: 3 caps
Alcohol (4/23): zero
Pre-workout: tea with milk and honey

Breakfast: coffee with heavy cream, cinnamon and honey, lamb, carrots, blueberries

Lunch: sauteed shrimp with lemon and herbs, sparkling water with lemon, carrots

Dinner: Chive kimchi-braised beef. tea with milk and honey

Spent another weekend riding my bike. Saturday – went from my house to the Potomac through old town and back to the central library. Also managed to crash twice, so if I looked a little banged up, that is why. Sunday – W&OD trail between Wiehle Ave Reston and Ayr Hill Rd Vienna, there and back (around 14 miles total). Again – I am treating this as skill work, because it will be good to have a 2nd source of transportation. I am finding it to be a good supplement to the new weight program Brian PCF has me on.


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