0530 Potomac – Oly Lifts Week 3 Day 3


– Faith No More, Falling to Pieces. One of my favorite live bands when I was at UGA back in the early 90s.

The Universe Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck About You
Toss Your Expectations into the Ocean
3 rounds
10 push press 35#
10 OH Lunge – 10# plate
10 20″ box jump on the new metal boxes. Little shakier than I would like – especially if you don’t get your entire foot on the plate and you are cycling quickly. Taking bets on who flips the box first.

35(3) – 65(3) – 85(3) – 95(1) – 95(1) – 95(1) – 95(1)

Front Squat – was supposed to do sets of 1, but I felt really good today
95(3) – 105(3) – 105(3) – 105(3) – 105(3)

HSPU Negatives – 2 45# plates and an ab mat
Time check – not sure, but done by the time the metcon started. Didn’t do shoes today because I forgot.
Sleep: 9:45pm – 4:45am, solid.
Stress: Medium. Got some stuff done.
Fish Oil: none
Alcohol (4/23): zero

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk and honey, smoked trout, carrots

Lunch (Mehran): diet Dr. Pepper, tandoori chicken, other unidentifiable Indian food, rice, naan. It was ok. The conversation was better.

Snack: almond coconut Kind bar, coconut water, sparkling water

Dinner: sweet italian sausage, tomato sauce, ground beef with onions and peppers, water, coconut water, almonds

An up and down day. At least I turned in some freelance stuff and got some day job work out the door. Counting small victories.


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