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OK – imagine something like this. But without the soundtrack. Or lighting. Or graceful poses. Actually – it looked more like some 40 year old geek woman hanging on for dear life hoping her grip doesn’t give out while she tries to remember how to knot the fabric around her feet. Note to self – […]

One of my favorite Rollins Band songs. The original video is pretty good too. – even though there is much less beefcake đŸ˜‰ ——————————- Going away for a bit – so this is the 1 day compressed Oly Lift schedule. Forgot to post this when I left. ———————– Pre-WOD Double-unders: Best and only attempt – […]

Great song – strange video. Or as one commenter put it: “Slutty braless bimbos dancing to King Crimson… That’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen!” Even better – 80s era “slutty braless bimbos” dancing to some homely 80s era arty dudes without a danceable beat. I heart the internetz. “No matter how closely […]

On days I feel ugly and unlovable – I play this. Thank you Henry. And Ijaz…. ————— Pre-WOD redline 6 rounds 3 35# snatch balance 3 35# bent-over barbell rows 15 sec plank / 5 – 10 sec banded planche (otherwise known as Wendy giggling and swinging on the green band. Yeah – don’t think […]

Ah, the joys of public transportation. “I’m OK, you’re OK – in small doses” – Caring for Your Introvert, The Atlantic —————– Rest Day WODs Saturday – 9 holes of golf in 100+ degree weather at Lansdowne’s Shark Bite course. That was plenty for the weekend. Other rest days spent working on freelance stuff. Trying […]

– King Crimson, Adrian Belew version. The most radio-friendly version of King Crimson (though 70s/80s era John Wetton version was a lot easier on the eyes). ————– Pre-WOD redline AMRAP 10 minutes 3 35# power snatch 3 35# good mornings 3 ring rows / 3 dive bomber pushups (alternating) 7 rounds total WOD Push Jerk […]

– Greg Lake (ELP) – From the Beginning. Was tempted to put up the 1974 California concert of him singing Still You Turn Me On. I keep watching that video because I am mesmerized by his ability to sing like that + chew gum + play guitar. Please don’t ask why. ————- Pre-WOD 5 min […]