0530 Potomac – Oly Lifts Week 5 Day 3


Late post, because I forgot.
A good thing, because I found this from Melicious, CrossFit Austin. Essentially – my internal 0530 dialog in blog post form.
Dear Ego: Shut Up

If I was only younger, smarter, prettier, stronger, faster, less klutzy, more kinesthetically intelligent…..
Fie on all that noise.

2 rounds
10 squats
10 35# good mornings
10 leg lifts
8 strict pullups
20 sec attempt – frog stand
1 250m lap

Push Jerk
35(5) – 65(3) – 80(3) – 80(3) – 80(3) – 80(3)

Front Squat
85(3) – 85(3) – 85(3) – 85(3)

Handstand negatives – 2 45# plates + abmat
3-3-3 Done in between front squat sets

Wasn’t feeling it today. At least got the work done and the weights felt solid.
Sleep: 9:00pm – 4:00am. Sleep quality has been amazingly crappy this week. Need to cut back on the caffeine.
Stress: Medium Low. Aiming for low key and kept it that way.
Fish Oil: zero
Alcohol (4/23): zero

Pre-workout: coconut water

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk and honey, smoked trout, carrots

Lunch (Sweetgreen): green tea, guacamole greens salad

Snack: small package M&M peanut

Dinner (Rincon): grilled chicken with peanut sauce, basil mixed shellfish thing, egg rolls and dumplings, water

Late. For those of you who actually read this dreck and care – sorry.


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