0530 Potomac – Oly Lifts Week 7 Day 1


Ah, the joys of public transportation.

“I’m OK, you’re OK – in small doses” – Caring for Your Introvert, The Atlantic
Rest Day WODs
Saturday – 9 holes of golf in 100+ degree weather at Lansdowne’s Shark Bite course. That was plenty for the weekend.
Other rest days spent working on freelance stuff. Trying to get a whole mess of stuff out the door by this Friday. Feeling way behind on everything.
Pre-WOD – Group warmup

12(3) – 42(3) – 52(2) – 62(2) – 72(1) – 72(1) – 72(1) – 72(miss) – 72(1)
These felt really solid – except for the last miss, where I psyched myself out of the lift.

Snatch Balance
62(2) – 72(1) – 72(1) – 72(1) – 72(1)
Solid, but still slow as dirt.

Banded Russian Dips (yellow band) 3-3-3
Sleep: 9:00pm – 4:45am. Woke around 3am. I need to adjust the thermostat – too hot at night.
Stress: Medium. Trying to get stuff out the door and it is going very slowly.
Fish Oil: 3 caps
Alcohol (4/23): zero

Breakfast: coffee with milk and maple, peach, smoked turkey breast, carrots

Lunch: buffalo chicken with onions and spinach, coconut water

Dinner: beef stuffed bell pepper, eggplant, sparkling water

Not particularly hungry today. Still cranking through work. Amazing how much stuff piles up right before you leave for vacation.


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