0530 Potomac – Oly Lifts Week 7 Day 3


Great song – strange video. Or as one commenter put it: “Slutty braless bimbos dancing to King Crimson… That’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen!” Even better – 80s era “slutty braless bimbos” dancing to some homely 80s era arty dudes without a danceable beat.

I heart the internetz.

“No matter how closely I study it…No matter how I take it apart….No matter how I break it down….it remains consistent. I wish you were here to see it!” – King Crimson, Indiscipline.

Berghs’ Exhibition ’11 – On Fear of Failure
9 Reasons Why Failure Is Not Fatal
Double-unders 57 1st try. New PR! Quit while I was ahead.

6 rounds
3 35# hang power snatch
3 V-situps

3 rounds 3 hspu negatives (5 count – ab mat + 45# plates. Still a little too fast on the bottom of the 3rd rep)
3 rounds front leverish pullups. If 15 degrees counts as a front lever…..

Push Jerk
35(3) – 65(3) – 90(2) – 100(1) – 100(1) – 100(1) – 100(1)
Need to get better wrist tape.

Front Squat
105(3) – 105(3) – 105(3) – 105(3)
Considering how shockingly easy this felt, I have the sneaky suspicion my 1RM on this is much higher than 115#

A very good day at the gym.
Sleep: 9:15pm – 4:45am
Stress: High.
Fish Oil: 3 caps
Alcohol (4/23): zero (thankfully)
Breakfast: carrots, ginger beef, coffee with cinnamon, milk and maple

Lunch: sparkling water, carrots, eggplant dip

Dinner: sparkling water, tea with milk and maple, green curry pork, almonds

Way behind on the freelance stuff. Then thought I did everything wrong. Not ready for tomorrow’s meeting. Freaked.
Did the best I could. Just bit off way more than I could chew. Serves me right.


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