1100 Urban Evo – Aerial Silk


OK – imagine something like this. But without the soundtrack. Or lighting. Or graceful poses.

Actually – it looked more like some 40 year old geek woman hanging on for dear life hoping her grip doesn’t give out while she tries to remember how to knot the fabric around her feet.

Note to self – forgetting what you are doing while you are 7 feet up is not such a great practice.

I’ll probably be doing this a couple of times a week for a few months when I get back from Ireland. Part of my evil plan to get serviceable at this CrossFit thing.
15 minute bike ride to and from the gym
Some warmup stuff.
Climb 15 ft silk about 3 times-ish. Mostly using my arms.

Learned the following
– Circus climb
– Russian climb
– Foot wrap (harder than it looks)
– V flip (did this about 3 times. Very controlled release – great core workout)
– Some sling stuff

I didn’t spend much time on the sling work because I was focused on getting the basic climbs and foot wraps down. Otherwise – I was climbing the silks using just my arms. Glad I can actually do that (Thank you CrossFit), but I found I am not going to get very far in this class until I learn how to use my legs more effectively.

Was also reminded that drinking 2 cups of high-octane coffee before spending an hour in a very warm gym zorches the stamina.
BTW – met some awesome ladies while I was there.

And thanks Nicole for teaching. She tried to organize 2 rambunctious girls + 3-4 experienced aerial folks + about 5 newbies who had never done this before. Good times.


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