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Like you, I take pleasure in seeing myself being seen both here and on Facebook, seeking reassurance that my life has meaning and value. Dean is right to point out that this experience is ambivalently stressful, for even as blogs and social networking sites insist that we enjoy life, they present us with written and […]

Weekend WODs – Friday: Aerial Silks 90 minutes. About 6 trips up and down 15′ silk (getting faster) + a bunch of work on an inverted body hang. – Saturday: Move-in Weekend. Mostly hanging out and filing, putting stickers on equipment and staying out of the way of folks more competent than I. – Sunday: […]

First Listen – Muppets: The Green Album This link won’t be active long, but those of us “of a certain age” will get a huge kick out of this. Of course, there is always the Muppet Channel. —————— Pre-WOD Double-unders Best: 33. Also: 24. Only made 2 attempts. Quit while I was ahead. 4 rounds […]

Wasting Time is Not a Waste Simple Daily Habits to Ignite Your Passion Decision Fatigue ———————— Pre-WOD redline 6 rounds 3 12# hang squat snatch 3 hip raise 3 bulgarian russian dips (2 rounds with red band, 3 rounds total) / 3 front lever pulls (3 rounds) WOD Snatch Push Press 35(3) – 55(3) – […]

Pre-WOD redline 4 rounds 4 air squat snatch (for speed) 4 12# good mornings (for giggles) 3 banded russian dips (to get them done) WOD Snatch 35(4) – 45(3) – 55(2) – 60(2) – 65(2) – 65(2) – 65(2) – 65(2) These felt very solid. A bit concerned that I seem to be favoring my […]

Pre-WOD mobility shoulder warmup with band 2 rounds 4 strict pullup / 8 back extensions on pommel horse WOD 15 minutes L-sit/front planche work on parallettes with handstand work on wall (both facing and away) 30+ minutes tumbling work Post-WOD 5 kipping pullups (I was just happy to get up to the bar by jumping. […]

So I decided this time I was going to focus on only 2 things. 1) Getting up the 15 foot silks. 2) V-inversions Since I’m having a hard enough time with the basics, I figured if I focused and didn’t worry so much about the tricks right now, that would work. Couple things I’m learning. […]