0530 Adare – Pushups, Squats, Situps, Hip Thrust


– From this random Irish Travel Guide.

I’ll post my own pictures when I get back.
This is a 100kph (about 62.5 mph) road in Ireland.
Note the skinny lane and stone walls.
Oh yeah – and move your steering wheel, gear shift and which side of the road you drive on to the opposite side.
Do this for 2 hours with no sleep.

Speed limits in Ireland seem to be set by population vs. the road type (except the fancy new motorways – which I found to be an absolute godsend).

On the good side – 100kph seems to be considered the absolute max speed (vs. in the US where speed limits seem to be the minimum). Thankfully, many Irish drivers do not seem to be in any particular hurry and the ones that are know how to pass.

Notice that I am now getting up at 0530 Ireland time. Guess that means I’m adjusted.

Off-Day WODs
– Monday/Tuesday: Walk the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Note: going off Boardwalk not such a stellar idea, though we did find a great breakfast at the Howard Johnson’s at Pacific and Tennessee.

– Tuesday/Wednesday: Air Travel with golf clubs and bags. Drive from Dublin to Adare for time. I believe the tension and stress from sleep deprivation and driving on the wrong side of the road on narrow lanes bordered by stone walls counts as exercise – right?

– Thursday: Walk and carry 18 holes at Lahinch. I found every single high 60+ degree hill on the course. Steady wind of 20+ mph gusting to easily 60. Lost 9 balls. The good news – I am now hitting the ball far enough to get over big hills and lose 9 balls.

Lesson learned thus far this trip: 125 lb female carrying golf bag (not aerodynamic) v. 60+ mph wind. Wind wins.

10 rounds
5 pushups (strict)
5 squats
5 situps
5 hip thrust


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