1730 CrossFit Cork – Cindy + Farmers Walk


Went out to play with the great folks at Crossfit Cork. Ian, Kevin, Trish, Robin and everyone else at the 5:30pm Monday class – thank you so much for making me feel so welcome. I had a blast!
400 m run

2 rounds
10 spt
10 phs (pvc)
10 pushups
10 jumping pullups


Overhead Squats
20kg (5) – 20kg (5) – 30kg (5) – 30kg (4 – grip fail, damn wrists) – 20kg(5) – 20kg(5)
Got some great pointers on squat depth and stance from Kevin. Thanks Kevin.

60 m farmers walk (12kg/8kg)
1 round Cindy (5 pullups/10 pushups/15 squats)
60 m farmers walk (12kg/8kg)
2 rounds Cindy
60 m farmers walk (12kg/8kg)
3 rounds Cindy (last round – jumping pullups/knee pushups. Arms gave out. blah.)
60 m farmers walk (12kg/8kg)
Didn’t get the time. Was pretty much on pace with everyone else.

Hey Trish – let me know when you get that first pullup! You are real close.
Will be posting the picture when I get back to the states.


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