0530 Potomac – Oly Lifts Week 10 Day 2



AMRAP – 8 rounds
3 snatch pull 35#
3 V situps
3 bulgarian ring dips (red band) / 3 ring rows (45 degrees)

Snatch Push Press
35(3) – 55(3) – 65(3) – 65(3) – 65(3) – 65(3)

Snatch Pull
65(3) – 90(3) – 90(3) – 90(3) – 90(3)

Snatch Deadlift
95(3) – 95(3) – 95(3) – 95(3)

Brian PCF and I had a chance to talk this morning. His findings are similar mine. MetCons trash the ability to do the Oly template. The Oly template trashes the MetCons. I gave up on doing CrossFit metcons during this after Cycle 1 so I could really focus on the template. The slower Adult Gymnastics and Aerial stuff is doable, but even then, I find that my grip / arms are a bit more thrashed than I would like when I get back to the Oly template on Mondays. This perspective may be more a result of neither of us being “MetCon queens” in the first place. Curious to hear what Aaron PCF or the more met-con oriented coaches think (if they have been on this template).

Other thoughts on the Oly template:

– Because snatch is such a tricky timing move, the time off required a “load-in” week to get back up to weight and form.

– I am also noticing that the heavier my weights become, the more time and care I need to spend on the warmup. Monday’s workout took longer than any other workout I’ve done on this cycle because I did so many snatch warmup sets. I expect this trend to continue for the next 2 weeks.

– The combined set of snatch / snatch balance / snatch pull / snatch dl in one day during my 2 short weeks before or after my Ireland trip helped groove proper setup. Going into full squat, then tightening from there has helped a LOT in terms of keeping my chest up.

I’ll be doing the 1RM test on my snatch and jerk during week 3 this cycle. Will be curious to see if these lifts have increased. Curious and nervous….


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