1800 Urban Evo – Aerial Silks


So I decided this time I was going to focus on only 2 things.

1) Getting up the 15 foot silks.
2) V-inversions

Since I’m having a hard enough time with the basics, I figured if I focused and didn’t worry so much about the tricks right now, that would work.

Couple things I’m learning. First, this works very different muscles than CrossFit. Second, I am really kinesthetically retarted. Get me to do stuff with my body PLUS tie knots while hanging on for dear life up in the air? Not always pretty.

shoulder warmup
12 pushups – strict
20 plank/ball/v (fiendish hard)
20 V-sit (the way Robin has us do them – hard)

Climbed the 15 foot silk about 9-10 times total (about 6 times bottom to top. Rest in partials)
5 attempts at V inversions. I can get up the first time. 2 successful attempts at least getting upside down with nothing but my abs for the 2nd rep, but I still needed to push myself completely over.


2 Responses to “1800 Urban Evo – Aerial Silks”

  1. 1 Eli M.

    just wanted to say how cool this is – it sounds really difficult and, potentially, really fun.

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