0530 Potomac – Oly Lifts Test Week Day 1


Weekend WODs
– Friday: Aerial Silks 90 minutes. About 6 trips up and down 15′ silk (getting faster) + a bunch of work on an inverted body hang.

– Saturday: Move-in Weekend. Mostly hanging out and filing, putting stickers on equipment and staying out of the way of folks more competent than I.

– Sunday: Adult Gymnastics. Mostly tumbling. Some work on pullovers and parallettes – esp front planche progressions. Also hiked 4 miles around Alexandria.


Best: 36. Also: 22. Only did 2 attempts. Rest of time, did Running Man and focused on getting faster.

4 rounds 35# muscle snatch
3 rounds of 10 second green-banded planche
1 round of 30 second handstand hold facing wall, minimal foot contact.

Snatch Test
55(3) – 65(2) – 70(1) – 75(1 – former PR) – 80(1) – 85(f) – 85(f) – 85(1) – 90(f – not even close)
The fails on the 85# were a result of not getting lockout. The 3rd time was the charm. I knew I was real close on the 1st 2 attempts.

Snatches overall felt more solid than ever. Only bummer – dropped the weight after the 75# attempt a little too close to my body and it grazed the knees. Ouch.

Snatch Balance
75(1) – 75(1) – 75(1) – 75(1)

Still can’t quite believe I am throwing weight overhead like it is no big deal 2+ years later.
Wasn’t that long ago that these 2 moves scared me to death.


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