1800 Urban Evo – Aerial Silks


So my moves look a lot closer to this guy. The drop thing he does…um, not there yet.

– shoulder mobility
– 3 10 sec hollow hold
– 3 sets 20 hollow rocks
– 20 plank ball v
– 20 pushups
– 20 shoulder touch

About 8 15′ climbs – practicing for 31 Heros. Curious to see how my kludgey climbing technique translates to real rope.

Worked on the hip key lock – which is the 1st move on this video once he gets up the rope. Essentially – the rope is around your waist and you hang there. Was talking to Ben – this could have been a very handy skill when I was a stagehand. Managed to finally get it after some practicing on the ground and 15 attempts, most of which resulted in my face in the mat.


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