0530 Potomac – Press, Push Press, Squats and Running Man


Group warmup – joint mobility

Every Minute 8 minutes
4 pushups strict
4 air squats
10 sec L hang
active arms

Lax Ball
– 30 sec per side shoulders
– 30 sec per side hip

35(3) – 55(3) – 65(1) – 70(1-1-1-1-1-1-1)

3 rounds w/ clean from floor
10 Push Press 65/65/55
20 Back Squat 65/65/55
100 Running Man (practicing timing. 1st round unbroken. 2nd round broke once. 3rd round broke 3 times)
9:25 (2:13 on the 1st round. About 3 minutes per on rounds 2 and 3)

Focused on maintaining intensity.
Wound up with a really sore underarm muscle after Saturday’s 31 Heroes WOD – hence the extra day off (that and running in the rain couldn’t trump sleeping an extra hour). The arm felt OK this morning, but figured a little discretion on the weights was a good thing. No regrets.


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