0530 Potomac – Deadlifts, HSPU, Pistols, Pullups


Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) demonstrating the poetic genius of the Black Eyed Peas.

He also does an epic version of Beyonce’s Single Ladies

Brian PCF – this is for you.

8 rounds
3 12# overhead barbell lunch
3 hollow rock
3 ring rows / 3 pullups

lax ball thoracic spine, lats
foam roller – quads, ITB

95(3) – 145(3) – 175(3) – 175(3) – 165(3) – 165(3) – 165(3)

175 is around 80% (my 1RM is 205). It felt very heavy – so I dropped back the weight. I suspect deadlifts feeling really cruddy and rounding my back too much is a result of not having done heavy deadlifts (or many deadlifts at all) in over 3 months.

AMRAP 10 minutes
2 HSPU with ab mat
4 unassisted ass to ankle pistols
8 kipping pullups
7 rounds + 1 (could NOT get that last handstand pushup)

Still a bit too shallow on the HSPU, but they felt really strong until the end.
1st time doing unassisted pistols, so really thrilled with this.
Haven’t done kipping pullups in almost 3 months and felt it. Earned my annual hand tear.


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