0530 Potomac – Snatch Balance and DNF


joint mobility
200 single unders
foam roller – back (and lots of it) and lats

Snatch Balance
12(3) – 42(3) – 62(2) – 52(3) – 52(3) – 52(3) – 52(3)

4 rounds
10 squat cleans
20 pushups
DNF – got through 5 52# squat cleans.
The DNF days are more educational than the days where I go through the motions.

My back was really sore from yesterday’s deadlift. I started in on the snatch balance, got up to 2 reps of 62# and missed the 3rd. My back felt weak and screaming. Dropped to 52#. Still didn’t feel right, but I got through it.

Then I started in on the metcon at a light 52# squat clean. Got through 5 reps and my back screamed “Please stop now.”

This is only the 5th workout I’ve DNFed. Two I DNFed because I ran out of time. Didn’t feel bad about those. Two I DNFed for exertion headaches. This was the first one where my body and my brain just said “Stop. Live to fight another day.” I listened.

It dawned on me that sometimes we have to accept defeat in this battle gracefully to ultimately win the war. I accept defeat.
We will battle again soon.


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