0530 Potomac – Press, 400m Run, Situps, Farmers Carry


Are you strong enough to slow down?

Best: 38
Also: 17
Only 2 attempts. Working on being able to whip out double-unders at will.

AMRAP 10 minutes
6 rounds
3 12# split jerk
3 toes to bar (strict) – still working on a particular type of ab strength for the aerial silks
3 bulgarian ring dips (strict) / 3 rope pullups

First time playing with the rope pullups. Fantastic thing to add to the Pre-WOD arsenal.
Also very happy with the ring dips. Getting good range of motion and the shoulders feel pretty good.

35(5) – 55(5) – 60(5) – 60(5) – 60(5)
Still being careful with the low back. It feels better, but I want to give it a break this week.

3 rounds
Run 400m
25 situps
2 lap farmers carry – 20# dumbbells
11:27. Could have done this Rx. Glad I didn’t.


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