PCF 1700 – Muscle-ups and Isabel


I’m baaack!

During the month of October, I started a temporary box I’m calling CrossFit BFN (for “Bum-F$#% Nowhere). This box consisted of 2 people: me and Rachel. The equipment included 1 18# barbell, a 1/4 mile loop, a too-low “pullup” bar in an unused stable nearby, 2 Body by Jake machines with 3 sets of too-light bands (an ab machine and a leg machine) and a jumprope found 3 days before I left. Managed to get a lot of walking, some yoga, thrusters and some half-assed bodyweight stuff done while I was gone. Also managed a sprint between 2 concourses in the Detroit airport on my way home. So the month wasn’t a complete bust workout-wise, but I sure as heck am not in full CrossFit shape.

Was happy to see 2 of my favorite workouts on deck for my return: Muscle-up practice and Isabel.
Nice way to start easing back into life.

2 rounds
10 SPT
10 OHS

3 pullups/3 dips every minute on the minute – 10 minutes
all pullups kipping
1st 6 rounds dips strict. Last 4 rounds red band.

Isabel – 30 full squat snatches at 42#

For not lifting more than 18# for a month – was very happy with this workout.
Nice to see Jon PCF again.
Congrats Brian PCF on the marriage AND the promotion. Good stuff!


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