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I believe I may have (finally) turned a corner on this illness thing….. ————– Pre-pre WOD 3 rounds 2 band-assisted muscle ups with 2 orange bands. Note: I need more warmup before trying this. I can’t get my muscles to fire correctly with a move this complicated right out of bed. Pre-WOD redline 6 rounds […]

Hoping that 2 days off doing nothing more strenuous than assembling an office chair has done me some good. Plus first day at Patriot for all workouts. Holy moly it was crowded…. ——————— Pre-WOD redline system check (went OK) 4 rounds 3 35# ohs 3 35# good mornings 3 strict pullups It was so crowded, […]

Last workout at Potomac. Sadness. See you all at Patriot. —————– Pre-WOD redline system check – OK 5 rounds 3 35# push jerk 3 35# good mornings 3 strict biceps to ring ring dips WOD Power Clean Split Jerk 65(3-3-3) Deadlift 65(5) – 95(5-5-5)

Thought about taking up this space whining. Decided against it. —————- Pre-WOD redline system check. This did not go well. Knees were sore, for some reason. 4 rounds 3 35# power snatch. This felt heavy. 3 35# overhead squat. This felt heavier. 2 band assisted muscle ups. Started with just purple band, but this was […]

Work has been kicking my butt, so I wound up missing day 4 of last week. Work is still kicking my butt, so I know that I will only be in the gym 3 days this week. It’s a backoff week. Good opportunity to mix stuff up a bit to make sure I get all […]

Wish I could better predict how I would feel on a day-to-day basis. Warmups are critical for evaluating where I am at and how much I should push it. Because I can’t tell before walking in the gym at 0530. Today was a good day. ———————– Pre-WOD Double Unders – did 30 in a row. […]

Having a couple of “off” days in a row. Decided to ratchet back a bit from the plan in an attempt to not handicap my healing. ———————- Pre-WOD 5 minutes of staring at the jump rope WOD 3 rounds 3 35# snatch balance 10 reverse hypers 3 banded muscle-ups with 2 yellow bands. mobility WOD […]