Oly/Gymnastics Project – Month 1, Week 4, Day 2


Thought about taking up this space whining.
Decided against it.
redline system check. This did not go well. Knees were sore, for some reason.

4 rounds
3 35# power snatch. This felt heavy.
3 35# overhead squat. This felt heavier.
2 band assisted muscle ups. Started with just purple band, but this was not enough assistance. Added thin orange band on last 3 sets.


Bonus to this warmup – I started my work sets pretty pissed off.

Power Snatch
55(3-3-3) Serviceable.

Overhead squats
55(5-5-5) These sucked. Felt disproportionately heavy. Supersetted this after each round of Power Snatch.

Did 1 more round of 2 banded muscle-ups.

Will try again tomorrow.


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