Oly/Gymnastics Project – Month 2, Week 1, Day 2


I believe I may have (finally) turned a corner on this illness thing…..

Pre-pre WOD

3 rounds 2 band-assisted muscle ups with 2 orange bands.
Note: I need more warmup before trying this. I can’t get my muscles to fire correctly with a move this complicated right out of bed.


6 rounds
3 35# good mornings
3 35# squats (2 rounds front squat, 1 round back squat, 3 rounds 5 overhead squat)
1-2 handstand pushups

Power Snatch
35(3) – 65(3-3-3-3)
These felt more like muscle snatches.

Overhead Squat
65(5) – 75(5-5-5)
Now THIS is more like it. Overhead squat has been one of my achilles heels since I returned from my fall break. Today felt like it was supposed to – heavy but doable. No wobble, no dizziness, no weakness in the arms or legs. Good stuff.


2 Responses to “Oly/Gymnastics Project – Month 2, Week 1, Day 2”

  1. So, what is the Oly/gymnastics project?

    • I’m playing with a template Brian PCF published a ways back. His original post is below.

      Since I am currently out of cardio/metcon commission, it seemed like a good idea to at least do SOMETHING other than sit on the couch and eat Fritos.
      The weights have been a bit touchy, but it doesn’t zorch me nearly as badly and it is easier to scale if I am having an off day.

      So that is what I am doing in the back of the gym while the rest of y’all are fighting over wall space and pullup bars. I’ll show you my notebook when I am in on Thursday or Friday.

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