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(source) – feeling low on the care-o-meter today. Just couldn’t muster the energy. ———————— Pre-WOD redline system check – ok 3 rounds 3 35# hang power clean 3 35# front squat (1 round) / 3 ohs PVC (2 rounds) 3 banded muscle ups – purple band. Couldn’t get my arms to function correctly and dip […]

– DeviantArt So this is where I start getting back to “normal”. Whatever that means. ——————————— Pre-WOD 5 minutes of double-unders. Strung together a bunch of 20+ sets. Good day for jumping rope 5 rounds 3 35# power snatch 3 strict ring dips. Wasn’t entirely happy with my ROM on these today. Had to really […]

Being able to climb rope – evidence of the value of “learning new sports.” In my case – the aerial silks class this summer. This is a great technique that I need to practice more. Because if it’s done right, rope climbing is more of a leg exercise than an arm exercise. ——————— Pre-WOD 5 […]

– from Agent-X comics. I’ve been thinking about superheros, business environments and computers for a project at work. Please don’t ask why. ————————- Yes – I am “doing” the open. No – I am not even remotely gunning for regionals. I decided to do this as proof that you CAN participate, no matter where you […]

The advantage of being ugly when young is that you look better as you get older. Lemmy….case in point. ————————- Pre-WOD redline system check (good – I may be ready to tackle my first metcon in a few months on Thursday) some half-assed stuff with a pvc pipe some half-assed stuff with a lacross ball. […]

– Hugh MacLeod …and that’s OK. —————————– Coming back from a week off. Played about 3 rounds of golf and created 2 hats and a cowl. What I learned: golf, crochet, and other things folks expect old people to do will hurt you. Am now fighting a dose of tennis elbow. Hooray ice bags and […]

The future of American Warfare China Laces Up Its Chuck Taylors ——————– Pre-WOD Double-unders 37, 20, 20, 10 These still exhaust me much faster than I think they are supposed to. And that makes me sad. On the positive side – it is at least more double-unders than I have successfully done in a month. […]