Oly/Gymnastics Project – Month 2, Week 4, Day 1


Hugh MacLeod

…and that’s OK.
Coming back from a week off. Played about 3 rounds of golf and created 2 hats and a cowl.
What I learned: golf, crochet, and other things folks expect old people to do will hurt you.
Am now fighting a dose of tennis elbow.
Hooray ice bags and Icy Hot.

Skipped week 3 of this cycle.
Pre-pre WOD
System check – elbow
2 strict pullups (ok)
2 strict pushups (ok)
2 strict ring dips (ok as long as I concentrate on keeping the elbows close to the body)
Will try the banded muscle ups tomorrow.

redline system check – cardiovascular. Best I’ve felt doing that in a long time.

5 rounds
3 12# clusters
3 handstand pushups. 1st 2 rounds strict, ab mat. Last 3 rounds floor with skinny part of ab mat, kipping
Felt ok on the elbow.

5 Strict Press / 5 Push Press unbroken
35(5) – 55(5-5-5) This felt a bit heavy.

5 Back Squat / 5 Front Squat – pause only to rerack and reposition
60 (5-5-5)
These felt really solid.

3 rounds
10 20# reverse hyper
10 ghd situps


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