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Pre-WOD redline 6 rounds 3 12# strict press (slow) 3 strict pushups (slow) / 3 ring rows (slow) Got the go-ahead from the doc to slowly start adding bodyweight and light overhead movements. No rapid or compound movements yet (no clean or snatch – bummer) WOD Back Squat 35(5) – 65(5) – 85(5) – 105(5) […]

– Hugh MacLeod The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. — William Arthur Ward —————————————— Off to the Dr. today to see what I am allowed to do and how I should rehab this right arm. Bah. On the bright side: it’s nice to sorta […]

Of course, you can never be too sure…. ———————– Continuing my quest to figure out how to do CrossFit workouts while limiting the use of my arms. Bah. Pre-WOD redline 7 rounds 3 12# clean pull (might as well get some form practice in) 3 situps 3 air squats WOD Front Squat using crossed arms. […]

The inexpensive meat sandwich as the natural result of the Agricultural Revoultion. —————————- Went to NoVa Pain and Rehab today. 1 very aggravated tendon and a jacked up shoulder area (both sides). Details next week. In the meantime – nothing that bends my elbow with weight. Therefore – no presses, cleans, snatches, pullups, pushups, muscle-up […]

Live broadcasting by Ustream Watching penguins. Much like watching reality TV shows – only more intelligent. ————————- I took 3 days off to recover from 12.3. Day 1 – right arm was pretty numb. Ice and compression and mobility. Day 2 – ice and compression and mobility Day 3 – ice and compression and mobility […]

Hooray Coffee! Sadly – the only ‘vice’ I have left…. ———————- I’ve been fighting tendinitis in my right elbow since I got back from Daytona. Seemed to aggravate it on Monday during the heavy clean and jerks. I kept my expectations low. The plan: 1 full round and 15 box jumps. Watch everyone else for […]

Cat videos are awesome. ————— Pre-WOD redline EMOTM 8 minutes 3 35# push jerks 3 35# back squats 3 v-situps Lawyer stretch or forearm stretch for rest of minute. Right arm and shoulder bothering me today. Decided to forgo the gymnastics work. WOD Power Clean Push Jerk 65(2) – 85(2) – 100 (2), 100 (1, […]