Oly/Gymnastics Project – Month 3, Week 1, Day 3


Hugh MacLeod

Fail early, fail often.
5 minutes of Double-unders 19-13-13-9 and lots of hanging out staring at the windows.

5 rounds
3 12# split jerks (last round 35#)
3 12# overhead squat (last round 35#)
3 kipping handstand pushups – settling deep into the abmat. Time to add some plates.

35(5) – 50(5) – 55(5) – 65 (max set – 6). Left some in the tank.

Overhead Squat
55(5) – 65(5) – 80(5-5-5)
Best feeling overhead squats since I started this project. All reps very fast and stable. Great depth.
Must have been the bag of frozen blueberries, wrist taping, lack of sleep and post Open WOD mental state.
Also did not do the GHD situps and reverse hypers all week this week. Partially wondering if laying off of those this week helped.

Planning to bring those back next week – depending on my desire to fight with the foundations class and the coaches for space at the GHD/Reverse Hyper machines.


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