0530 Patriot – One-armed stuff


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Watching penguins. Much like watching reality TV shows – only more intelligent.
I took 3 days off to recover from 12.3.
Day 1 – right arm was pretty numb. Ice and compression and mobility.
Day 2 – ice and compression and mobility
Day 3 – ice and compression and mobility

Pullups and snatches -not problems before, now problems.
Time for some help.

Talked to Erika this morning. Stopping bilateral upper-body movement (bye-bye project).
And time to call a Sports Medicine Specialist. Appointment made for Wednesday.

This is all stuff that has lingered since my return from Daytona.
I seem to be doing more harm than good. Would rather take 2 weeks off vs. 2 months.

1 round
3 12# snatch balance
3 chest to bar pullups
3 V-sit

talk to Erika

3 rounds
3 15# left arm db snatch
3 v-sit
mobility for rest of minute

Left arm dumbell squat snatch
15(3) – 25(3-3-3) – 30 (3-3-3)

15 15# left arm db overhead squat
38 ghd situps
12 15# left arm db overhead squat
27 hyperextensions
9 15# left arm db overhead squat
18 ghd situps

On the bright side….my left arm is weaker than my right, so this is a good chance to get the left arm stronger.


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