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…so it was a few more Mondays than anticipated. ———————————— The primary care doctor gave me a cease and desist order regarding CrossFit and everything else for a few weeks. The chiro guys at NoVa Pain and Rehab were happy to hear that too. After significant moping about – I decided to suck it up […]

Life Happens

11Apr12 Will be back in the saddle Monday after sacrifices to the working, golfing and fishing gods.

Local boys done good. Top 10 Perks to Turning 40 – I could add 10 more. One of which would be “the ability to use my age as an excuse when it suits me”. ——————- Pre-WOD redline 6 rounds 4 pistols – hand on stack of plates for balance 3 12# good mornings 2 knee […]

A demonstration of the importance of narrative and appropriate use of media in presentations. Yes…this is (a really funny version of) what I do for a living….. ———————— Pre-WOD Double-unders – attempts at sets of 20 20-20-17/3-8 Not bad….. Double-unders are MUCH easier mid-day. 6 rounds 3 split jerk (3 rounds pvc / 3 rounds […]

– Christopher Walken reading anything = epic. Lisa L. This is for you 🙂 —————— Took off since March 23rd and did nothing more strenuous than walking, physical therapy and light gardening. Focused on staying off the right arm the entire time. The rest did me good – both mentally and physically. During that time […]