0530 Patriot – Press, Box Jump, Push Press, Knees to Elbow


– Christopher Walken reading anything = epic.

Lisa L. This is for you 🙂
Took off since March 23rd and did nothing more strenuous than walking, physical therapy and light gardening.
Focused on staying off the right arm the entire time.
The rest did me good – both mentally and physically.

During that time – I have been re-evaluating my fitness program.
I’m tired of beating myself up in the gym (both mentally and physically) and I am (almost) accepting that I won’t be sniffing my former performance anytime soon.

Top priority for the next 3 months is to get my body back in 100% working order with no pain.
Double-unders -best: 25ish. Didn’t really count and stopped once I had one good set.

7 rounds
3 behind the neck press – slow, pvc
3 15# goblet squats
3 situps

Strict Press
12(5) – 32(5) – 42(5-5) – 52(5)
A little stiffness but felt solid. I am not going to try to go near failure on this, or any other, overhead move anytime soon.

4 rounds
5 24″ box jumps
10 15# db push press (left arm only – not ready to do high rep, high speed work on the right arm)
15 knees to elbow (grip started giving way early in the 3rd round)

Level of effort: moderate-high. Constant work – save for shaking out the arms during the knees to elbows.

I’m going to stop putting times in here. Mostly because it’s not giving me particularly good information these days.
I’m just happy to be able to do the work.


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