0530 Patriot – Snatches (yay!), Deadlifts, Box Jumps and Pushups


Local boys done good.

Top 10 Perks to Turning 40
– I could add 10 more. One of which would be “the ability to use my age as an excuse when it suits me”.

6 rounds
4 pistols – hand on stack of plates for balance
3 12# good mornings
2 knee pullups (3 rounds) / 3 strict pushups (3 rounds)

Snatch (1st attempt at these since going to the Sports Med guys)
PVC(3) – 12(3) – 32(3-3-3-3)
Happy with speed under the bar and even happier that my right arm didn’t hurt.

4 rounds
7 95# deadlifts
14 20″ box jumps
7 pushups
Level of effort: moderate. Didn’t even try to cycle the box jumps. Went at a steady pace through all 7 minutes.

3 days off – though if I play my cards right, there might be an attempt at golf this weekend 🙂


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