Harrell Gymnastics Workout – Week 1 Day 1


In an attempt to maintain something of my fitness during this prolonged CrossFit layoff, I am looking for workouts that help me maintain at least some of my gymnastics skills.

Found a nice 3 week program written by Robert Harrell out of CrossFit Marin. Might have to do some modifications due to lack of equipment, but I figure if I get 4 days a week in at moderately low to moderate effort, I should be OK.

Week 1 Day 1
Warm up:
10 Candlestick rocks
10 Donkey Kicks

10 Push ups
10 V-ups
10 Arch rocks

Pause to get the equilibrium back. This wonky equilibrium hosed my ability to ride roller coasters while in Orlando.
Missing the days when I could ride a coaster, race to the head of the line, and ride again.
Also means a 15 minute break between the warmup and the workout. Bah.

5 rounds
3 Couch assist Handstand push up – toes on back of couch, as 90 degree as possible.
3 Straight body lift – focused on keeping back as straight as possible.

The assisted handstand pushups worked OK on the elbows and shoulders.

Effort level: moderately low.


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