Harrell Gymnastics Workout inspired – Week 1, Day 3ish


So you may be asking what happened to Week 1, Day 2….
Lack of equipment (box, rings/dip area, no idea where my jump rope is) + need for an extra day of recovery = didn’t do it.

Modifying this one too. A LOT.

5 rounds – 5 second bent leg front lever
5 rounds – skin da cat to 5 sec bent leg back lever – this move triggered a strain in the left pec. Bummer.

3 rounds
10 jumping pullups
10 situps
10 25# goblet squats
5 per leg 25# db ea hand 1 legged deadlift

5 rounds – 5 4 point leg kicks

Effort level: moderately high. Feeling really out of shape.


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