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My right arm was a bit sore from battling ivy. Dr. Ward got it straightened out this morning – and I don’t particularly want to wreck his work. 2 rounds 30 sec plank 30 sec per – side plank 3 rounds 10 candlestick rocks 10 air squats 10 supermans 3 rounds 5 per leg single […]

High-rep Burpees – the Crossfit equivalent of the elliptical.

The original workout 3 rounds 5 I Y T (this is a PT exercise – figured it was a good sub) 3 Strict pull ups 10 Tuck/Straddle/ 1/1 Turn jump (can also scale to 1/2 Turn Jump) – Tuck jump – Jump, bring knees to chest, land. – Straddle jump – Jump, bring feet up […]

Link to the original workout 5 minutes stationary bike 2 rounds 10 Hollow rocks 10 Arch rocks 20s Handstand (total time accumulated/wall HS) 7 rounds 30s L-hang 3 Handstand push ups – couch assist, pike Tried to do a handstand pushup. No dice, including kipped. Shoulder and arm strength just not there for that move […]

Here is the original workout. Warm up: 10 Lunge kick handstand – 30 sec handstand hold on last lunge kick handstand 2 rounds 10 V-ups 10 Push ups 10 Squat/Jumping squat 5 rounds 5 toes to bar – dead hang no swing 3 Chin up – strict, unbroken Perceived effort: moderately low. Everything felt pretty […]

Here is the original workout 5 minutes moderate stationary bike – yes we got one. Finally got the plug so it works! Thanks bro for the hand-me-down. 50 reps each – high knee and butt kickers (stationary) 2 rounds 20 Hollow rocks 20 Arch rocks 10 Lunge per side 5 Strict ankles to bar 3 […]

Here is the original workout. 3 rounds 10 Donkey kicks 10 Candlestick rocks 5 rounds 3 bent leg L pullup – strict palms out. Elbow definitely feeling better. 20 Reverse hyper circles – using exercise ball and couch, 10 in each direction. Not quite enough ROM and awkward position – stressed low back more than […]