Finding that I can do 1 day “on” (as weak as that day on is) and 2 days off. Last workout wore me out a bit more than I had hoped.
On the good side….my elbow and shoulder are finally healing.
Target: get back in the box in July.

Original workout

30 sec handstand hold
10 tripod to press headstand

3 rounds
20 piked handstand shoulder touches
10 toes to bottom of door frame (like ankles to bar – have to minimize swing since if I swing, I will be on my ass)
5 pushup
5 jumping pullup

Perceived effort: Moderately low


So you may be asking what happened to Week 1, Day 2….
Lack of equipment (box, rings/dip area, no idea where my jump rope is) + need for an extra day of recovery = didn’t do it.

Modifying this one too. A LOT.

5 rounds – 5 second bent leg front lever
5 rounds – skin da cat to 5 sec bent leg back lever – this move triggered a strain in the left pec. Bummer.

3 rounds
10 jumping pullups
10 situps
10 25# goblet squats
5 per leg 25# db ea hand 1 legged deadlift

5 rounds – 5 4 point leg kicks

Effort level: moderately high. Feeling really out of shape.

In an attempt to maintain something of my fitness during this prolonged CrossFit layoff, I am looking for workouts that help me maintain at least some of my gymnastics skills.

Found a nice 3 week program written by Robert Harrell out of CrossFit Marin. Might have to do some modifications due to lack of equipment, but I figure if I get 4 days a week in at moderately low to moderate effort, I should be OK.

Week 1 Day 1
Warm up:
10 Candlestick rocks
10 Donkey Kicks

10 Push ups
10 V-ups
10 Arch rocks

Pause to get the equilibrium back. This wonky equilibrium hosed my ability to ride roller coasters while in Orlando.
Missing the days when I could ride a coaster, race to the head of the line, and ride again.
Also means a 15 minute break between the warmup and the workout. Bah.

5 rounds
3 Couch assist Handstand push up – toes on back of couch, as 90 degree as possible.
3 Straight body lift – focused on keeping back as straight as possible.

The assisted handstand pushups worked OK on the elbows and shoulders.

Effort level: moderately low.

A bit late posting this – between travel and uber busy.

30 seconds each side – 1 arm plank
1 minute – plank with hands on stability ball
1 minute – plank with feet on stability ball

3 rounds – each round unbroken. Rest as needed between.
5 pullups – kipping. Elbows not happy with this after 10 reps
10 front dumbbell squats – 15# per hand
10 kb swings 30#

3 rounds unbroken
20 16″ box steps with 12.5# db in each hand (25# total – 10 per leg)
20 12.5# db 1 arm muscle snatch (10 per arm)

Then went and got a facial in the spa. Life does not suck.

Note to self – gym is MUCH more crowded in the morning.

1 min forward
30 sec per side

Pullups – 5 test pullups
Elbow saucier than I would like. That and the one pullup area was taken – so I used the “pullup/dip” machine. It wasn’t designed to move the assist lever out of the way and I couldn’t shake the image of the consequences of losing my grip. Ow. Will save pullups for another time.

3 rounds
10 lunges – 15# db per hand
10 90-ish pound ez curl bar deadlifts (hey – it was a free bar and the Smith machine was taken)
10 deep sideways lunges

Perceved effort: Moderately high

Deadlifts were harder than expected. This isn’t much of a workout (compared to a PCF workout), but it left me more gassed than I predicted. Had planned 5 rounds and decided to cut it short. No 12 hour workout turnaround for me….

…so it was a few more Mondays than anticipated.
The primary care doctor gave me a cease and desist order regarding CrossFit and everything else for a few weeks. The chiro guys at NoVa Pain and Rehab were happy to hear that too. After significant moping about – I decided to suck it up and rest for a change.

Taking a few months off from PCF since the “motivation of the group” was hurting me rather than helping me. One lesson I’ve learned – I am a lemming and my ego will hurl me over the cliff.

Since April 5th, I’ve done little other than walking, a few randoms swings of a golf club to test the elbow (better, but not at 9 holes yet), and one session of Dahn Yoga (a story for another day).

I am in Orlando for a conference. This hotel has a VERY nice gym. It has a full set of dumbbells (including heavy ones), jump ropes, kettlebells and a place to do pullups. The barbell is on a Smith rack, but at least there is a barbell. I couldn’t pass this up.

5 rounds
50 single unders (the jump rope was very heavy so double-unders weren’t happening)
10 air squats

3 rounds
5 renegade man makers 15# dumbbells (elbows felt good)
10 30# kettlebell swings

Perceived effort: moderate.

I didn’t rush between rounds. Particularly the renegade man maker / kettlebell rounds. Those sets gassed me more than expected. I don’t feel like I overdid it, but the workout was a reminder that I may not be sniffing sectionals shape again for a very long time.

Life Happens

Will be back in the saddle Monday after sacrifices to the working, golfing and fishing gods.