WOD 5:30am – Running and Misc Stuff


Group Warmup
Back lever work on rings

For Time:
400m Run
10 Power Snatches (65)
400m Run
20 Push-press (65)
400m Run
30 KB Swings (1 pood)
400m Run
40 Box Jumps (4 45# plates)

The good: Doing ALL of the reps of Power Snatches (no breaks) and Push Presses (break at 15) at that weight. Doing all of the KB Swings (break at 20) even though my back was still a tad juicy from last week.

The bad: No cycling on the box jumps – save for 2 sets of 5. Most of them were of the jump-up, step-down variety.

The ugly: Slow 400m runs. Not sure what was up with that.

New inspiration: Dan S
Dan is training for the April Masters. This morning, I watched him finish all of the Rx reps.
After the WOD, I talked with him about competition.
He just decided to do it.
Doesn’t matter if he can actually do the WODs as Rx’ed.
Figured it would be a good experience.
And who knows…”maybe I’ll get lucky with what comes out of the hopper.”
Dan’s got balls for trying this. More guts than I currently have.
Dan – I’ll be rooting for you.


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